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Accredited Has a Great Track Record

Accredited was founded in 2008 and has grown rapidly employing over 40 professionals who provide debt settlement services to thousands of clients. Together with their settlement partner they have some impressive stats:

– Total client savings since inception = over $1.2 billion
– Client accounts settled per year = over 75,000
– Average savings in Q2 of 2014 = 50.5%

No Upfront Fees – Guaranteed

Here is the exact wording of their guarantee:

Our Guarantee: We will not charge any fee for our
services until we successfully resolve a debt for you and you
have made a payment toward the settlement of that debt.
When one of your debts is resolved, we will charge you only
the fee associated with that debt at that time.

What does this mean? They get paid purely based on how they perform for you. They align their success with yours so they have an incentive to get you the best settlement possible in the least amount of time.


“A” Better Business Bureau ( rating

As you may have read on my website, the BBB website is the one I trust for accurate reporting and their BBB “A” rating reflects the honesty and integrity you will find at Accredited.

I Have Visited Their Offices

I met with the owner and it was clear he has lots of experience in the credit/debt relief business. He has built his company with an emphasis on customer service and that’s backed by his guarantee to his clients.

Check Out Real Client Results!

Lender Debt Amount Settlement SAVINGS
Bank of America $21,300 $6,000 $15,300
Wells Fargo $7,150 $2,915 $4,235
Home Depot $9,777 $3,421 $6,355
US Bank $32,521 $16,260 $16,260
Chase Bank USA $6,154 $1,231 $4,923
Capital One $8,464 $3,809 $4,655
Discover $7,943 $2,383 $5,560
Citibank $11,273 $3,945 $7,327
American Express $7,112 $2,135 $4,977

And Finally Listen to Actual Clients!

I have recently signed up with Accredited and was lucky enough to have Ted counsel me through the whole process. I had been shopping around for a consolidation company for a couple of weeks now and Accredited was who I picked out its great reviews and customer service. I must say that Ted upheld the status. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. He answered all of my questions and went through the process step by step ensuring me that I am always in control throughout this whole process which made me feel great. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know that needs the help. He was absolutely wonderful and you are lucky to have him working for your company.

Lauren T.

I initially contacted Brad at Accredited Debt Relief in regard to a financial hardship I sustained as a result of losing my home in the 2007 CA. Wildfires. I found Brad to be a knowledgeable and experienced credit consular that was able to assist me with my financial problems. He was able to adapt his schedule to my needs and gave me the feeling that he cared about my situation and would do anything in his power to help.

Barry S.

Ted, thank you so much for your help with this debt situation I have. You were non judgmental, your voice was kind and I felt so comfortable talking to you. You were not pushy and talked to me like you were my brother. You have been extremely helpful and I thank you so much.
Accredited Debt relief company seems very well organized and very experienced from what I have read. You are very professional yet kind and I am very glad I went with your company.
April B.

Accredited Can Help You Be Debt Free Too

By calling Accredited for a free consultation you are taking the first step and it is totally risk free. Since the consultation is free you get the information you need to make an informed decision to see if their solution and company is best for you and your situation.

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