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scottheadshot_lg.jpgHello. My name is Scott.

After many years working around the debt relief industry, I maintain this site to provide you with my opinions on debt relief options and debt relief companies.

I understand how hard it is searching for debt relief help when all the companies say the same thing and often promise you the moon. Who’s honest? I heard it all the time before building this website many years ago.

Who can you trust?…

There are no guarantees in life, but I can honestly tell you I have worked with all of the companies I suggest on this site met their senior management teams in person, face to face. Why? Because that’s the best way I know how to understand as much as I can about their business and the reliability of the people running it.

These are real companies providing real debt solutions to their clients.

Does that mean they are right for you and your personal situation?

That’s a question only you can answer but you may use this site as a starting point to learn more. There are hundreds of pages of information and Q&A’s to help you educate yourself about the available debt relief options.

The more you know, the less likely you are to choose a “bad” company. Understanding the process, the benefits, and the drawbacks to each available solution helps you know what questions to ask these companies before you enroll in their programs.

Why should you listen to me?

Having been around this industry for many years, I know some very reputable companies. I research them and meet with them in person before I suggest them to my site visitors. These companies are ones I honestly believe in and have proven to me over many years that they provide a reputable service. For full disclosure, please understand they do pay me to suggest them as I have established marketing relationships with them after I have thoroughly screened them.

As a result, I now have an established track record with each company I suggest and many thousands of requests from people seeking my opinion. In fact, I now get thank you emails daily from people who appreciate the research I’ve done.

The debt relief solutions industry has gone through lots of turbulence as there have been some dishonest companies that have made consumer’s lives worse, not better. New federal laws and regulations have been passed in order to prevent some of the fraud and hopefully push some of the dishonest companies out of business. Even still, new companies pop up all the time but be careful because I personally think an established, experienced company with a solid track record is what’s most important in selecting a company to help you.

Having met with many companies, I believe I have found some of the good guys. Are they right for you? Well…that’s for you to decide.