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4 Ways To Get Out of Credit Card Debt

There’s a Reason Why You Are Confused About How To Find Credit Card Debt Help

In this economy millions of people need help but are confused by all the “noise” about which debt relief solution is best for them. You see advertisements from various companies, “experts” on TV telling you what to do, and even hear horror stories about people who were “scammed” by some debt help companies.

It Seems All Too Complicated…

I’ve operated this website for over 2 years and I’ve answered thousands of questions for people as well as helped many more thousands find reputable help. Most people just want to start with the basics and want me to specify their options for getting out of credit card debt so here they are:

1. Bankruptcy

– This used to be a quick way to get out of credit card debt but now the new bankruptcy laws have made it a painfully slow process thereby greatly reducing it’s appeal for many people, even those who view it as a “last resort”. The new bankruptcy laws require you to jump through more legal hoops and pass strict qualification requirements to be approved by a judge. For example, you are now required to enter into a court approved credit counseling program as part of the process vs. the old system which would allow you to purge all your debt obligations quickly.

2. Debt Settlement

– This solution is the bankruptcy alternative that many people use to reduce the overall amount of debt they owe without all the stigma associated with a bankruptcy filing. Debt settlement is a legal process whereby your lawyer or a company you hire negotiates with your creditors to get them to accept less than you actually owe. This “settlement” is legally binding and once you pay the negotiated amount your account is considered paid with no further penalties.

3. Credit Counseling

– These companies (often they are non-profit companies but that does not mean their services are all free) will help you consolidate bills, reduce your penalties and interest rates but cannot reduce your overall credit card debt amount. They consolidate your debts into 1 monthly payment and then allocate the proper amount to each of your creditors monthly. Credit counseling companies can help you manage your money better and provide budgeting help.

4. Save & Budget

– Sound obvious, I know but I must include it on this list because it is the best financial option for you long term and you’d be surprised at how many people I hear from who are able to make significant enough cutbacks in thier family budgets to pay thier debt down but are unwilling to make the lifestyle sacrifices to do so.

To be sure, there are consequences and drawbacks to each of these solutions which I detail at length on this site so the most important thing you can do which you are already doing correctly is…

Educate Yourself!!

The more you know and understand the better decisions you will make to get rid of your debt as soon as possible. I hope the hundreds of pages of good information on this website will help you but I also think it’s also important that you speak with honest and reputable companies so you can get a feel for the types of programs professional debt relief services offer.

So That’s What I’ve Done

I’ve helped thousands of people who ask me “How Can I Determine Which Company I Can Trust?”…a very good question but one with no obvious answer. Therefore, I’ve done lots of research with the objective of trying to find some companies I believe to be the “good guys” who will tell it to you straight and help prevent you from getting into an even worse situation with a dishonest company.

I’ve Personally Met With Each Company I Suggest

I research companies, visit with the owners, and often tour their offices before I endorse them. I do not know if the company I suggest to you will be the one you should use as only you can decide that based on your situation and comfort level, however, I do believe I have done a good job at identifying honest companies who do what they say and will tell you the truth.

Complete the simple information below and I will send you a Report about one of the debt relief companies I trust. Your information will ONLY be sent to one professional company so they can provide you with your free phone consultation and answer all your questions.

If that turns out not to be a good company for you, let me know, and I’ll suggest another.


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