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I read a question from someone about the BBB rating of a debt company, what are some other ratings, there are other ratings called TASC and International Assoc. of Professional Debt Arbitrators? Are these good associations to judge a company by?

Basically there is no rating system that’s adequate to help you select a debt relief company. The BBB is good in my opinion not for its letter rating but instead for knowing the

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If you sign up with a “so-called law firm” that handles these debt negotiation programs, how do you know that your credit card co. is even for sure going to settle with them???

There are no guarantees with any negotiation process and that’s the case as well with

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I am $42,000 in credit card debt. I pay about $1100/month in credit card payments. Most of these are just minimum payments. My paycheck is mainly to pay off these cards where my husband pays everything else. We have recently put the house on the market to pay these off, but the market is so bad, we really can’t count on the money from the house. Not enough equity in the house either for a home equity loan. I have considered debt negotiation, but is that the route you would suggest?

Debt negotiation (settlement) is intended for those who:

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HI SCOTT: My wife and I both got divorced from our former spouses in the early 80’s, sold our houses and bought a new house together in 1997. All 6 kids have graduated from high school and 5 have graduated from college. Our divorces created…(cont.)

Question Continued…financial hardships on both of us that resulted in credit card debt. When we bought

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