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Archive for September, 2008

Why will a bank like Chase be willing to work with a debt settlement company with a payment plan of 22 months for 45% of the debt but not offer you the individual the same deal?

Hello, it is possible to do your own negotiation however it can be a very complicated and

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We have two children in college and have basically done a poor job in managing our finances. Our combined income is approx over $150,000 yearly. We have at least $80,000 in unsecured loans and have managed to get in over our heads. We prefer NOT to go the route of Debt Settlement. Is it wishful thinking to believe we can simply use the Debt Management Program? And…will it hinder us from getting further student loans. The current student loans have not come due yet.

Hello, thanks for the question. Debt management may help you somewhat without

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I have nine credit card accouts (Total of $58000 debt of Credit Card). All of them have been charged off as a bad debt as of July 08. Two creidt card company has served me with a summons letters. All the others has been assigned to an Attorney for Collection. I am worried that all of them will be serving me with a summon letter. I can’t settle with all of them at once. I don’t want to communicate with them on the phone. I really want to avoid Bankruptcy, I just don’t now what alternative I have? Any advice will be appreciated.

Hello, I am sorry to hear about the difficult situation. Unfortunately

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What is the standard fee for a debt relief company?

The standard fee for a debt settlement company is typically 15% of the

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