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hi! Scott. do you think I am nearly going into serious problem considering that I have 20000 unsecured debts, is there any company out there who is more than willing to lend me this amount so that I can only concentrate and focus on paying to one lender only. I am a registered nurse and I have a very secured job but I have no idea on what and where to ask for help.

Hello, you can consolidate your debts through either a home refinance (if you have a home with equity and can get a loan), a debt management program, or a debt settlement program.

Your solution depends on if you are having a problem making the payments on your $20K in debt or if you just want help managing the payments to make it easier for you.

Are you financially strapped?

Yes: Unless your situation is severe, look into a debt management program to consolidate your bills and help you with budgeting.

No: If you have no problem paying the bills given your stable income but just want a single loan you can pay off, I do not have a solution for you (sorry about that). Refinancing a home is a way to do that but without that, you’d need some type of asset to borrow against to get a bank loan.

Whatever you do, stay away from payday loans (my opinion)…Best of luck to you.