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1. What type of unsecured debt do you have?

 a. Credit cards or medical bills

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 c. Tax debt

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 a. More than $10,000

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3. Do you own a home with equity?

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Best Debt Relief Companies

Unfortunately, unsecured debts such as credit card bills and medical bills are becoming a greater problem for many people in this country. It simply takes a quick online search to see the thousands of debt relief companies that have popped up in the last decade. In the past few years, many people were able to use their rising home values to pay down their debts through refinancing, now however, the situation has changed and people are searching for alternative debt relief services to consolidate credit card debt.

How can you find legitimate debt relief companies who you can trust to guide you? It’s tricky since many people know very little about their alternatives, much less who they should turn to for help. The objective of this site is to provide debt relief programs, advice, and information to help you dig yourself out of your own debt.

There are many companies out there all willing to assist you but first you need to decide the type of solution that fits your situation the best. The best debt relief companies are the ones that provide people with honest straightforward advice, not overhyped sales pitches. One common solution is debt settlement which will actually reduce your debt by negotiating your balances down over a typical period of 18-36 months. The greatest benefit is that your monthly payments can be reduced but you also should know that during this process your debts will go into default resulting in a damaged credit score.

Debt settlement programs are often a favorable alternative to bankruptcy for many people and it does allow you to get out of debt faster than using a debt management plan.

The aforementioned debt management program is the other primary alternative solution for credit card debt relief. These programs are typically provided by credit counseling agencies that work closely with the major credit card companies to assist people in trouble before their financial situation become unsalvageable. They are able to help you consolidate your payments, lower the interest rates on your balances, and help to reduce or eliminate the late fees and penalties you may have accrued.

The most important thing to realize is that a debt relief solution should be carefully selected. It is a big financial decision so spend some time learning about credit card debt relief programs, researching how credit debt services operate, and looking through the hundreds of debt advice questions and answers on this site.